Vision of the Civil Social Association Infinity NGO Veles is an equal society for all, development and education of young people, equal respect for the human rights of all people in society and the enjoyment of economic, social and health well-being.


The mission of the Civil Social Association Infinity NGO Veles is to undertake activities and actions to improve the economic and social life of all people, including them in to planning and implementation of public policies in society, as well as to inspire young people in terms of creativity, art, sports, education and international and multicultural exchanges.


Strategic goals of Infinity NGO Veles are: - Promoting European values, human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law. - To strive for the promotion of interpersonal relations and friendly relations between nations. - Taking actions in the field of inclusion, people with disabilities, solidarity, tolerance, peace and non-discrimination - Conducting surveys, research and analysis on topics that are of important issue and interest to society. - Taking actions for development, creating opportunities and informing the youth through social networks and non-formal education. - Cooperation with educational institutions, national and international organizations and sports clubs. - Participating and taking action in the field of marketing, entrepreneurship and education in the field of economy, environmental protection and sustainable development. - Creating music and cultural and artistic events.

Our organization is partnering with many legal, educational and sport institutions were we create opportunities and support the local youth also organizing events for the young people as well including the people from rural areas. 

Infinity ngo Veles mainly activities are:

  • supporting youth 
  • digital marketing
  • rule of law
  • human rights
  • environment and sustainability
  • sport and healthy lifestyle 
  • volunteering

Our Team

Contact Person & Project Manager

Aleksandar Gjorgjievski is master of International Law with master thesis, The role of the UN peacekeeping forces during war crisis- positive and negative aspects’’ and with excellent knowledge of the domestic law and human rights in general. He is the coordinator and the project manager in Infinity NGO Veles and with experience within the Erasmus + projects and programs since 2013. Furthermore, he has worked with different legal attorneys, Ngo’s and other social institutions. In the field of the non-formal education and civil activism he has been organizing workshops, trainings, seminars in the field of human rights, multiculturalism, art, protecting the environment, equality, inclusion, providing lessons to children and participating, volunteering in many countries in Europe with taking action in all programs under Erasmus + framework, as follow: youth exchanges, seminars, training courses, EVS and ESC.

Legal Representative

Aco Gjorgjievski is textile engineer with more the 30 years of experience in organizing and quality controlling at the leading textile companies in the country. He has been president and board member of the Lions club Veles, implementing many projects in the field of environment, humanitarian activities and supporting the children with disabilities and inclusion.

Board Member

Dejan Ginovski is graduate professor in physical and health education from the faculty of Physical education, Sports and Health, professional coach and ex professional volleyball player, who played for different trophy wining clubs in the first Macedonian volleyball league. Currently he is working on coaching young players in the local club and promoting healthy living as well working for governmental educational institution for full-time job.

Board Member

Marina Gjorgjievski is a developer who enjoys working in front-end development but also gets a kick out of back-end development. She creates custom websites to help businesses do better online. She is quietly confident, naturally curious, and working on moderating, editing and design our organization website, on other hand she is providing and organizing workshops on web design for the people in our community.

Board Member

Nikola Gjorgjievski a Senior PHP Software Engineer & Tech Lead, working remotely with global teams on exciting projects. His contributions make a meaningful impact and bring a lot of value to the team. He writes clean and quality code, using coding standards and design principles. His implementations are dynamic, modular, and easily customizable for different use cases. He strives for a user experience that is intuitive and accessible. www.

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